Bio Caribe

Costa Rica’s First Sustainable Community

Discover Bio Caribe, a unique sustainable residence development on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Your Motive To Join Bio Caribe

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. It is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which in turn depends on the well being of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources Bio Caribe is putting the common phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” into action by forming a community centered around creating resource rather than consuming them. Through organic farming, alternative energy, recycling and communal spirit this sustainable community allows its members to enjoy a life surrounded with likeminded people who share the same values as you do.

By producing food, energy, and using alternative building technics members are able to drastically reduce their monthly existences, and even generate income. While a consumer based lifestyle tends to mean longer work days to pay for products produced by others, our proposed life style at Bio Caribe enables members to produce basic commodities for themselves leaving more time for things you really want to do and personal enjoyment.

In the long run, we’ll all be living sustainable lifestyles. Many of us are already moving that way–positioning ourselves to live more sustainably–at a pace of our own choosing, rather than waiting until circumstances force our hand. Some who are further along are trying not only to live more sustainably, but also to pass on what they’re learning.

Sustainable Community

Bio Caribe features all the benefits and amenities of a modern residential development such as recreational areas with swimming pool, tennis court and BBQ area where you and your family can share your time with likeminded neighbors who share the same values and believes as you do.

Eco Oriented Architecture

Enjoy the benefits of sustainable architecture

Organic & Farming

Eat fresh foods delivered from your organic gardens.

Living on a 309 acre private resort

Enjoy living by your own private forest reserve

Energy efficiency practices

Practical solutions for power generation and conservation.

A Gifted Location

Located on the south caribbean coast of Costa Rica within 300 acres of private lush forest. Bio Caribe is only 15 minutes away from the country’s most secluded beaches and the Panama border.

Located Within The Tropical Rainforest

Bio Caribe is located on the most southern corner off the Caribbean coast. This is one of the few places in the world where the tropical rainforest meets the ocean right on the sandy beach. Bio Caribe is located in a secluded and private area surrounded by nothing but nature. It is also minutes away from Punta Uva’s pristine beaches and the splendor of Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo beach towns.

A unique location that offers the best of both worlds from fresh caribbean beach breezes to astounding flora and fauna that will immerse you in nature. Bio Caribe sits in an area that has enchanted thousands of visitors from all over the world with secluded beaches, a natural and relaxed lifestyle and beauty all around.

A private lush forest area

Bio Caribe is highlighted by·vistas of the adjoining mountain ranges from Talamanca to Panama, shaded by lush forest and surrounded by the amazing beaches of the Caribbean and flora and fauna that almost seem like from another world.It’s like living in our own private forest reserve.

Incredible mountain views

Around 70% of the property features incredible mountain views, from the comfort of your residence, you will be able to admire the greatness of the mountains, the forest and all the natural beauties that Bio Caribe has to offer.

Direct access to Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is a small town which has all the accomodations and facilities to satisfy the most demanding visitors: all types of restaurants, souvenir stores, clothing shops, medical clinics, banks, hotels, among others.Visited and loved every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world and located 15 minutes from Bio Caribe.

World-Renowned Secluded Beaches

The south caribbean region offers an incredible variety of secluded and relaxing beaches. From blue ocean waters to warm sandy beaches filled with marine life, all bordered by dense forests, and many are famous nesting sites for green sea turtles.

Bocas del Toro Town

Experience Bocas del Toro, a true eco-touristic area located past the Panama Border, 30 minutes away from Bio Caribe. A beautiful sea side community that offers unique vacation and honeymoon spots, delicious food and unforgettable experiences.

World Class Surfing

Puerto Viejo is certainly known for being home to what has been called the heaviest wave in Costa Rica: Salsa Brava.This can be considered as an experts only wave, less experienced can definitely enjoy the waves and the view that Playa Cocles has to offer you.

Minutes away from Gandoca-Manzanillo Wild Life Refuge

It’s a Costa Rican protected area which offer visitors a broad spectrum of cultural, ethnical and ecological diversity. Compromised of 5,013 land mass hectares and 4,436 marine hectares, it fills nearly 70% of the Southern Caribbean region. It has been designated of special international importance under the RAMSAR Wetland convention. Bio Caribe is also shielded by several reserves and protected areas such as the indigenous Bri Bri reserveAmistad-Caribe ParkLa Ceiba Private Reserve and Evergreen Private Reserve.

Full of activities and World Class Hotels

Surrounding areas nearby Bio Caribe offer you exciting touristic and recreational activities such as hiking, white water rafting, canopy tour, fishing, surfing, waterfalls, and national parks. You can also find great world class hotels such as the Tree House Lodge and Le Caméléon to name a few from an area recognized world wide from it’s exclusive touristic options.

Changuinola International Airport 1 hour away

The “Capitan Manuel Niño” International Airport in the city of Changuinola Panama, is located just a few miles away from Puerto Viejo, offering travelers the chance to come by airplane and then driving a close distance to get to Bio Caribe.

Close to Hone Creek and Sixaola medical clinics

Another of the great features of Bio Caribe is it’s proximity to the medical clinics in Sixaola and Hone Creek, this way you don’t have to worry when medical attention is needed. This clinics are fully equiped and offer professional staff and facilities.

Bio Caribe Lots

Discover Bio Caribe, a unique sustainable residence development on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica..

A Modern Community

Bio Caribe also shares all the advantages of a modern condominium scheme allowing its residents to enjoy the luxuries of a modern residential community.

Organic Architecture

Enjoy the benefits of sustainable architecture

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