South Caribbean Destinations: Puerto Viejo

South Caribbean Destinations: Puerto Viejo
South Caribbean Destinations: Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Its history has always been linked to the sea, to the coming and going of pioneers, travelers and adventurers, to the hustle and bustle typical of a commercial nucleus and to the inevitable cultural exchange that under the Caribbean sun occurred between the indigenous peoples with others from all Parts of the world, enriching the cultural heritage, resulting in an unparalleled cosmopolitan place where respect, peace and harmony allow everyone to experience freedom in a unique natural environment.

In Puerto Viejo you can enjoy from a trip of relaxation to an adventure, with many activities that will keep you busy all day and if you want the night. 

The tropical forests that surround Puerto Viejo offer you the possibility to explore them by walking, riding, cycling or quad biking, so that you can enjoy nature in its purest form. You can organize excursions throughout the area, by boat, snorkeling and diving in the coral reefs, dolphin watching, surfing the mythical Salsa Brava, the best waves of Costa Rica, kayaking, canopy or rafting.                                     

A few kilometers away, in the valleys of the Lower Talamanca are the Bribri and Cabecar Indigenous Reserves, with villages such as Yorkín, Uatsi with their typical huts and its suspension bridge, Shiroles, Suretka and to feel like a real explorer, Volio waterfall . In the Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve you will find a green iguana conservation project and a bird watching tower. 

In recent decades, the tourism boom led to a development in the provision of quality tourism services, in many cases integrated with the environment and focused on ecotourism, conservation of natural resources and rational use of them. The offer of hotels both in the village and on the nearby beaches range from basic and economical accommodation to those that offer greater comfort and services to make your holiday perfect. In terms of gastronomy there are numerous specialized restaurants that offer a fusion of dishes with flavor to all corners of the world, typical Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Mexican, Thai, or Chinese cuisine ... here you will not miss The taste of your country. 

Puerto Viejo is the best place on the Caribbean coast for shopping. There are plenty of handicraft shops and local art galleries where you can find unique products made from handicrafts, paintings, wood carvings, basketwork, ceramics, made with natural products such as wood, coconut, bamboo, seeds or sea shells. You will find clothing stores and accessories, jewelry, music, decoration articles, and of course pharmacies, clinics, supermarkets and banks, post offices and real estate agencies among other services.


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