South Caribbean Destinations: Cahuita

South Caribbean Destinations:  Cahuita
South Caribbean Destinations: Cahuita


In the beginning there were only corals, tropical fish and peaceful turtles attracted by the abundant sea grass and miles of white sand beaches where to spawn. Pursued by their nutritious meat and their precious shell, the first turtle fishermen who set up camps began to reach this coast, surviving with the natural resources that this evergreen tropical forest and its warm and turquoise sea offered. 

Other migrations continued at different historical moments caused by wars in neighboring countries, the construction of the railroad in Limón or the exploitation of banana and cocoa plantations. Nowadays its main activity is ecotourism, especially focused on its National Park, in whose management and management the local community actively participates.

This population has an important Afro-Caribbean community that has preserved marked features of its Afro-English culture, such as the language "Patua", its architecture with houses on pillars painted with striking colors, its music, calypso, and its exquisite gastronomy. 

The protagonist of Cahuita is the National Park of the same name that counts on a trail of 7 kilometers that runs parallel to the coast until its other access in the South sector, Puerto Vargas, a route that will take you to exotic places like White beach, The river Suárez, Punta Cahuita and Punta Vargas. 

Activities related to the sea are the most tempting in Cahuita, from relaxing baths in its warm waters and fine sands, to boat rides under the sea breeze to immerse yourself in the most developed and biodiverse coral reef on the coast stretching ahead To Punta Cahuita and Punta Puerto Vargas.


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